Rallystar - Sunflowers will be Smiling .........


The reason why the sunflowers will be smiling on Friday and Saturday, 25 and 26 May 2018, is simple - real rallying is back!

In contrast to the sunflowers, do not be too surprised if you see a few grim, sweaty faces getting out of rally cars, looking as if the gave birth to something painful a short while ago.

Rallying, real rallying is back and who else but Rallystar now at the Carousel Hotel Casino is responsible.

No, the roads are good, I have seen trees next to the route, but no rocks, slippery grass, hunchback roads, three or so “Oh Fork” Jumps, hidden turn offs, as sudden as a Monday after a weekend, some engine screaming straights, some tank slapper twists - but nothing really rough on the road.

So - why Is real rallying back?

Well, you see, the reason why the Sunflower held by farm owner Dirk Daling, is smiling, is that it is about halfway into a 32km stage and will be looking at you when you battle through a 40km stage - TWICE - asking the navigator “how far still? How far still?”

This will be a rally where the men are truly sorted from the boys and for once the complete pack will play a role, driver, navigator, car, service crew and how well everything have been put together!

Of course you will be able to relax on a few straights - scary stuff, but that will not last long. If you blink your eyes twice after a short straight, that may be it, for you!

Good grief, I can feel the atmosphere, I can look far back into the past, before the lights went out and drivers caught tennis balls to sharpen their reflexes - or so they thought, while the actually only practised coordination.

I can see the faces of, Sarel van der Merwe, Hannes Grobler , Serge Damseaux, Jannie Habig, even further back Louis Cloete, Jan Hettema, Elbie Odendaal, Kassie Coetzee, Hein Dahms, Sandy Grant...people the young brave hearts of today will not really know.

I see them standing in groups chatting, joking, chirping, before we went into stages like this. Stages where, like in a boxing ring, you can not believe a minute to be so long, or short when you have to box or drive yourself out of trouble.

Then the short ones, right there where they belong, at Rallystar Motorsport Academy @ Sun Carousel. I kid you not, not inside the casino, but very, very close.

The wheels will be spinning, navigators will for a lack of words, indicate by hand rather than try to make all the sudden calls, in tight twisty, slippy and hidden corners. Of course some will hate me a bit after every stage, but here will be those who will smile, smile a real rally competitor smile. A smile that money will not easily be able to out on a face!

There will with your help, once again be a great number of spectators, who will be able to enjoy the dirt road action, who will not believe the skills when the teams tackle the just over two kilometer tar stage at night on Friday and then again daytime on Saturday.

Lekker safe and big parking - right next to the stages and the rally service action!

There will be food stands, foamy cappuccino, maybe even a potjie or two, if I get to that part of all the organising.

Accommodation at special rates from Wednesday eve - game drives for all, a beauty spa for the ladies, a soft air shooting range, plenty of other action for the young ones and yes of course there is a casino where you can try and make Sun Carousel pay for your rally or ticket!

Let us pack the banks, the stands, the bushes and of course cheer all along. Come play your part in getting rallying back where we can once again see real drivers, where everything is not a white gloved point and squirt affair and results do not only depend on how much money you spent!

Please help us get spectators back to the sport, to recapture media interest and draw new sponsors and competitors into the sport! This is old Leon’s final effort to contribute - so much so that Rallystar is the official sponsor of this event!


VIP parking for your car plus three passengers, for both days - R100.

This includes entry to the Rallystar stages, the tar stages and parking on tar.

Please book in advance, get your sticker and enjoy two days of fun.  


There are only 5 spots available for businesses to set up a gazebo and entertain some guests.

R5000 per spot. Free advertising on your own banner, VIP parking for 25 cars (100) guests.

Stands are in enclosed secure area - so all should be safe through night.

First come first served. - Book now!

Then we have a special VIP lapa deeper in the Rallystar stage - where you can see every car a few times - this space is available for a small group of about 50 people. preference will be given to those who booked their parking.

Please contact Janey  073 087 4745 to discuss possible plans - especially for Saturday.


Special rates to special people. Only 12 chalets left - if they are full you will have to book in to the Carousel Hotel.

Booking preference at chalets to booking for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.

R1200 per chalet per night. Sleeps 4 plus one bench.

Hotel booking will work out at approximately R1200 per room per night for two.

ALL BOOKINGS - PARKING, ACCOMMODATION, VIP AT LAPA and other arrangements through Janey on 073 087 4745




928 635 016

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use a proper reference with payment.

R100 entry parking - your name and car registration

Accommodation - name and cell

Lapa reservation Car reg plus your name

Company stand - company name cell

Prize giving - name cell


Tickets to the prize-giving function - fans - R150 per person includes dinner and a seat at a table in the well known Cheyenne Saloon. If you can sing, do magic, sound like a Audi Quattro in anger - you can enter free.

Come spend two rally days with us and end it off with a great party afterwards!

The best entertainment - money can buy!

Please share this on your media and Facebook pages! We offer a great experience

but need your help!

Come on guys - we can not do this without you!!

Any further enquiry please email janeyrallystar@outlook.com