Heritage Day Gymkhana - WBMK G130

Monday, September 24, 2018
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton

The 2018 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Championship was suspended due to various reasons and resultant negotiations with the Western Province Motor Club have seen good progress in rebuilding a structure that will see the Gymkhana Championship return in 2019.

As a trial event the Heritage Day Gymkhana will allow an opportunity to test the collaboration between the WBMK and WPMC in finding a workable solution in establishing the Killarney International Raceway as the ONLY venue for all future events in this championship. The good news being that the venue can potentially change for each event as various areas at the facility can be utilised in various layouts for the purpose of gymkhana events.

A number of proposals are being considered for the future ie Classes A - F to be retained with a limitation of 205 road tyre size as maximum allowed. Class G to become an Open category where bigger tyred cars, turbochraged, supercharged, 4x4, mid engined, can be accommodated on any tyre size or type.

Scoring towards the official Gymkhana championship will however be limited to classes A-F with a seperate Open championship title.

In other words the objective will be to involve all the local tyre dealers by approaching them for fair old tyres to be utilized for the purpose of gymkhana rather than expensive new road of race rubber. They get exposure and you get enough tyre to enjoy the event. By limiting the size to 205 it is also effectively neutralising power benefits as the concept of gymkhana is to promote good working relations between the driver and navigator as basis for progressing into proper rallying or other more senior formulae of motorsport.

Events page on Facebook to follow. All related documentation will be posted on this page.





There is just something special about arriving first at a racetrack. As daylight slowly presents the circuit in full colour one cannot help but experience a flood of memories, good and bad, whilst awaiting the arrival of fellow officials and competitors. And it simply would not be motorsport if the correct gate was open on time!

As everyone arrived, settling into the normal pre-event...

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