Ceres Toyota WBMK WP Rally 3 of 6

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Ceres, Boland

4 May 2017 is Numbers Function 21h00 at CPMCC Rollbar Killarney International Raceway.

First Namibian interest for the Ceres Toyota Rally comes from Peer Röhm and Eugene Marais in their ex-Tjaart Conradie Gunite Pools S2 Toyota Auris 1600. Great to see another Namibian team visiting the Western Cape.


On the 133 rd day of 2017 the third round of the Western Province Rally Championship will take competitors to the main centre of the Warm Antelope Field (Warm Bokkeveld). Quite fittingly named after the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, Ceres nestles in a valley that is extremely fertile and the are produces much of Southern Africa’s decidious fruit.

Entering the town from Michell...

Think Ceres and you think fruit and good times. Mention Ceres to rallyists and they suddenly become uncomfortable and doubt appear about potential results. This is real rally country, testing man and machine to the limit on every stage. Attack and Ceres will defend, hold back and Ceres will call you out. Now 34 years young the Witzenberg Motorklub event have certainly developed a reputation...

Starting the 2017 Western Province Rally Championship on a high as the first regional team home on the CCMCC iKapa Reticulation and Flow Klipdale Rally in February contact with a rather solid telephone pole on the CPMCC Swartland Malmesbury Rally on 1 April proved to a rather cruel April fool’s joke.

With the Supa Mac 467 S3 WBMK Toyota Corolla RXi 1.6 neatly rebuilt a solid...

Entering Parc Fermé at Fairways, Ceres, on Saturday 13 May 2017 as the first car on the road was a somewhat strange feeling. Competitors assisted organisers in organising events back in the year and then received their best score as bonus at the end of each season. It avoided contentious issues such as the local teams having an unfair advantage in knowing the area and roads too well,...

Returning to the Koue Bokkeveld for round three of the 2018 Western Cape special stage Rally Championship certainly brings a new dimension to the series as more than a decade have passed since cars “yumped’ at Rocklands.

Ten special stages will see teams work hard from the 10h00 start at Ceres Toyota till the 16h00 finish at the Kaleo Guest farm. Leading contenders for...

Round 3 of the 2018 Western Province Rally Championship saw fifteen crews contest ten challenging stages in near perfect weather conditions in the Koue Bokkeveld on Saturday 12 May 2018. The entry list pretty much guaranteed a Subaru victory and class S3 would go to anyone of six Toyota entries, but the event proved to be quite dramatic from SS1.

Running second on the road Oswaldo...

Ceres Toyota by Eric Joseph

Ceres Toyota Rally WP3

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